The Talk

When my daughter turned 10 I knew it was time to stop stalling and face my biggest fear – having THE talk. Being the OCD mom that I am, I immediately researched on the internet for books and advice and was quickly overwhelmed with contradicting opinions about what one should or shouldn’t say to a child. So I decided that since flying by the seat of my pants had been my preferred parenting method for the first 10 years, I might as well just stick with what I know. So I ventured in with a pounding heart, nervous stomach and a prayer that God would put the perfect words in my mouth.

My husband took our son out for a day of “manly” fun so Gracie and I could have the whole day. I wasn’t planning on talking about the birds and bees all day but did want adequate recovery time so we could move on to other things long before Scott and Jack returned. I had no idea how my daughter would react to the information she was about to receive and I didn’t want my little son walking in to find his sister sitting shell-shocked in the livingroom.

Our talk, and the rest of the day went beautifully except for the very beginning when I almost had a heart attack after asking my daughter whether anyone had ever told her about periods. I wasn’t sure whether her schoolmates had starting sharing information yet.

“Daddy talks to me about it all the time,” Gracie said.

“WHAT???” I replied while trying to keep my eyes contained in their sockets.


“And, just what has Daddy said?” I asked.

“He says,” she began matter-of-factly, “Brush your teeth, PERIOD! or stop fighting with your brother, PERIOD!”

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