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Drum Roll Please……

So far I have been a very good grandma-to-be.  I was successful in not blabbing to everyone I knew that Jess and Chambliss were expecting their first baby until we were given the green light.  Then, of course, it was Katie bar the door. When I came home from Florida in August to start my […]

What’s Fred up to This Summer?

Fred (our spoiled rotten female golden doodle) has had an action packed summer.  She spends her mornings strutting her stuff on the beach, meeting and greeting everyone along the way.  She is the self-appointed bird eradicator, diligently chasing off any bird within a 10 yard radius.  She has perfected playing ball in the surf rinsing […]

The Snake Crusader

Just a small amount of preamble.  I live in the downtown historic district in my real life.  I have a nice little house on a nice little lot.  I have a flower garden and some grass for the dogs to run and play.  The wildlife at my real life house has consisted of a couple […]

“Don’t Tell Anyone.”

Frankly these three little harmless words will strike terror into any true southern woman’s heart.  “Not Even Your Best Friends.”  Okay—now we are talking full tilt emotional meltdown. In an effort to keep up my end of the bargain, I simply just stopped talking to anyone.  Much easier—nothing could possible slip out if I just […]

Happily Ever After

Calm, eerily calm.  That is the only way to explain how I felt on our drive to Charleston for Matthew and Kathleen’s wedding.  Maybe it’s the fact that I had made the list, checked it twice, torn up the list, remade the list and checked it again.  Yep, all the ducks appear to be in […]

The Flower Monkey Strikes Again!

Over the past few months the back bedroom of my house, which was originally Matt’s bedroom, then an office, then a guest room has morphed itself once again into an all- out flower shop. My mother-in-law, Jackie, has spent countless hours in that room over the last few months.  Jackie was a florist in her […]

29 Years

June 1st, 1985. David and I had bought a beautiful, run down, in desperate need of TLC Queen Anne Victorian house two months before our wedding.  The only thing that had not been re-muddled in this house was its staircase.   The natural wood was so beautiful that David and I decided to use it as […]

Say Yes to the Dress!

When Christi got engaged, I flew out to Phoenix for a few days and hit what felt like every dress shop in the area.  Our days were filled with yards of white fluffy fabrics, shock from the stickers attached to them, lots of laughter and yes, just a few tears from Mom. When Jess got […]

Spacing is Everything

30 years ago as David and I embarked on the journey of parenthood we felt it was imperative to space our children correctly.  We wanted to make sure they were spaced far enough apart that they could each be independent but close enough together that they would be good playmates when they were little and […]

How Times Have Changed!

I have official survived another tax season!  For those of you unaware, I am an accountant by trade.  I have spent the last 25years running the annual gauntlet that is TAX SEASON.  Unfortunately for us accountants, it’s not like getting ready for a marathon where you can run a few more feet each day for […]