Beep Beep

IMG_2467I popped Tanner into one of the grocery carts with the steering wheels and buckled him in.  When we got to the automatic door I told Tanner, “beep beep and the door will open.”  To my surprise, Tanner slapped his tiny little hand against the center of the steering wheel and clear as a bell said “Beep Beep.”

We wound our way through the bakery narrowly escaping a head on collision with the cup cake display and cruised into the veggie section.  As we passed people I jokingly began saying to Tanner, “Say Beep Beep.”  Sure enough he immediately slapped his little hand against the steering wheel and would say “Beep Beep” in his cute little two year old voice.  As we weaved our way up and down the aisle Tanner began beeping and waving at everyone we passed.  Some people ignored us completely clearly thinking that if they didn’t engage the crazy it couldn’t jump onto them.  Some people had a great time playing along and were left in our wake with big smiles on their faces and just a little bit more bounce in their step.

As we made our last round through the dairy section we turned the corner and happened upon an elderly man all alone parked at the end of the aisle in a scooter.  Realizing this person was a kindred spirit Tanner very enthusiastically slapped his little hand against the steering wheel and loudly said “Beep Beep”.  We turned the corner down the bread aisle and all of a sudden I heard the high pitched whine of a scooter moving full tilt.  Just about the time I realized he was coming our way, the old man screeched up next to us and said “Hey buddy, you wanna race?”  So without missing a beat I began pushing Tanner faster down the aisle as the old man got his scooter zipping along.

Our fun ended abruptly when the old man’s wife came around the corner and yelled, “bad word, bad word—Earl!”  Like all true seasoned street racers, Tanner and I ducked down the nearest aisle in the opposite direction leaving poor Earl to talk his own way out of trouble with the grocery police.

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