Boggie Wipes?

Back in our day as parents there was one kind of diaper and one kind of diaper wipe. Life was simple in the diaper aisle at the grocery store. All you had to know was how much your baby weighed and Voilà there was your bag of diapers. But as David and I are learning quickly, things have changed tremendously in the 30 some odd years since we were young parents.

A few weeks after Tanner, our first grandson, was born Jess had a follow up doctor appointment that Chambliss couldn’t make. Since she hadn’t been released to drive yet, she needed someone and her Daddy was elated to be her knight in shining armor galloping to her rescue. Happy as a clam, he drove the hour to Tullahoma to pick up his precious brown eyed girl and her cute little bundle of joy. Back in Murfreesboro, they went to Steak N Shake, their favorite place to eat together and then off to the doctor.

In the waiting room Jess, our ever OCD little mommy, went over the contents of her well stocked diaper bag with her father who frankly is the polar opposite of OCD. She showed him were the diapers were, where the bottle was, where the pacifier was. She then gave him a run down on the various packages of wipes with an outline of their appropriate use. There were pacifier wipes in case the pacifier should drop to the floor. There were face wipes, hand wipes, eye wipes, booger wipes and of course finally the only thing David understood in the wipe department—diaper wipes.

As fate will always have it, no more had Jess disappeared through the doorway than Tanner began to fuss about. David, with the comfort of a man who hasn’t really dealt with a new born in 26 years, pulled Tanner from his car seat and gave him a bottle. With a loud trumpeting that made his grandpa proud, Tanner announced his dirty diaper.

Stinky Diaper

Lying Tanner down on the changing table, David began searching in the diaper bag. He found the diaper no problem but when it came to the array of wipes he began to panic. He instantly regretting not paying closer attention during the diaper bag tutorial. All he knew now was that he had a little tiny baby with a diaper full of poop crying on his watch. He needed to jump into action and quick. Grabbing the container of wipes that looked most familiar he readily changed the toxic diaper.

As he was changing Tanner’s diaper he realized the last diaper he had changed was Jess’. Puffed up like a little peacock David told Jess of his triumph over the poop filled diaper. He was so proud until Jess informed him that he cleaned Tanner’s butt with hand sanitizer wipes. Although outwardly somewhat disappointed in his wipe selection, David was inwardly thrilled with himself, at least he didn’t accidently use the boogie wipes.


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