Happy Mother’s Day!

For all the Moms that are still deep in the trenches of diapers, bottles and wee hour of the morning feedings—don’t worry, it will get easier.

For all the Moms who are scooping screaming toddlers off the grocery store floor, learning the new language of “baby-ease”, trying to explain how stopping to making water in the potty is somehow better than just peeing your pants while you’re playing, teaching that food and toys are not for throwing, crayons are not for nostrils and dogs are not for riding—don’t worry, it will get easier.

For all the Moms out there squealing into the school pick-up line just in time to be the last parent there, who have found it necessary to develop a color coded google calendar to keep up with when to be at dance class, gymnastics, soft ball, baseball, basketball, chess club, debate team, band practice, orthodontist appointments, sleep overs and parent teacher meetings—don’t worry, it will get easier.

For all the Moms out there who are in the throws of dealing with a child that has just recently discovered their “Sass” gene and the teenager’s eye roll.  Who somehow overnight went from being their kids super hero to the dumbest person in the word with a fashion sense to match.  For the Mom who is trying to explain to their teenage boy that there are 7 days in a week and therefore it is only reasonable to expect 7 pairs of underwear and socks in his weekly laundry. Who is constantly reminding their teenage daughter how some outfits just have too little fabric to be considered outer wear.   For the Mom who sits in the passenger seat of the car petrified, stomping a hole in the floorboard where the brake should be.  Who is beside themselves with worry when they hand over the keys and are not the one sitting in the passenger seat.  For the Mom who feels like they have somehow become a covert agent with the CIA, analyzing their kids friends, deducing if they are going where they say, with who they say and what they may be doing between the here and the there and with whom.  For the Mom who is spending an inordinate amount of their time worrying about “the birds and the bees” and how to explain this phenomenon of nature to their wee ones—don’t worry, it will get easier.

For the Mom’s who have spent the last two decades of their lives raising their children and have finally tossed them out of the nest and into the world hoping and praying that they have taught them every survival skill necessary for them to succeed in the world.  For the Moms who lay awake at night hoping that their child gets the job or promotion at work, who cries in the night over her daughter’s miscarriage, who’s heart aches as they are forced to watch their children struggle with the day to day problems of being a grown adult knowing full well they cannot swoop in to save the day.  For the Mom who is walking on air at the announcement she will be a grandma—don’t worry….

Awe heck, who am I kidding.  Loving another human being with all your heart and soul NEVER gets easier.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

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