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The Final Hours

Before we agreed to begin remodeling our dining room, Scott (aka “Scott the Worker Man to the Allen children) assured me that the job would be finished by Thanksgiving.    Wednesday was a wild day filled with the chaos of Scott Bennett’s workers flying around my dining room attempting to get the job finished before the […]

Beat the Clock

“If you can get it done before Thanksgiving you can start, if not, we will have to wait until after tax season next year.”  This is how my conversation was going with Scott regarding the renovation of our dining room.  Scott assured me in his normally loud voice accompanied by his booming laugh that he could […]

What a weeper

Ask any one of my kids and they will tell you one of my favorite mantras is “if I had feelings they would be hurt, but since I don’t, it’s all good.”  How was I to know all those years ago that by the mere act of procreation I would be setting myself up to […]

Secret Code Word

In less than one month Jess has bought a house and has gotten engaged to be married.  There are a lot of things going on here.  First of all, the house has great bones but it needs a complete overhaul on the inside.  This is so right up my alley.  I love the big picture, […]

The Zombies Made me do it

Once a year, on October 31st, our quaint Victorian house on East Main Street is transformed into a great Halloween trick-or-treat play land.  Chilled fog roils around the mourning lady’s dress, creeping between the headstones in the graveyard inching steadily toward the zombie lying in wait by the sidewalk. Giant eyeballs blink in the front […]

Cake Pop Redemption!

Never one to accept defeat, I decided to attempt my Halloween cake pop idea again for my Tuesday bowling league.  This league is my ladies league and only has 35 bowlers.  Some are diabetic so I have been trying to think of an option for dipping my sugar free cake pop for the last couple […]

The Cake Pop Disaster

For the last few years I have been the Secretary of two bowling leagues.  The Secretary’s duties are fairly simple—collect the money, deal with the lanes, and generally just make sure everyone is having a good time.  In an effort to make things a little more fun, I decided that I would make something for […]

Nate started it

Being the mother of three children, I spent a lot of my time pretending to be a detective.  After a child-on-child altercation took place, the requisite “So-in-So started it” would be hurled into the air.  Then it would be my job to determine if this was true or if “so-in-so” was getting hung out to […]

Slick as Slate

For my nephew’s Nate’s wedding I decided to buy the first pair of high heels I have bought since Jessica was 3 years old and I had my first bought with back trouble (that would be 20 years ago if anyone wants to parse out the mathematics).   I purchased a pair of cute black wedges […]

Get us to the Church on Time

After picking my daughter, Christi up from the airport we were sitting in Bar Louis having a late lunch when I got a text from Nate—“don’t forget rehearsal at the church at 5pm.”  I knew my son, Matt was in the wedding party but why would he be texting me that unless it was just a […]